• Introduction

    These guidelines are for those who intend to enjoy creating secondary works using VERSEⁿ’ contents (hereinafter referred to as “the Contents”)

    VERSEⁿ is a VTuber project that travels through various stories, and we hope to weave stories together with our audience.

    This guideline is intended to help as many users as possible to enjoy secondary creation activities with a peace of mind.

    Please read and agree to the followings and enjoy your derivative works.

    VERSEⁿ is jointly operated by Sony Music Labels Inc. and Helixes Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”).

  • Eligible Users

    Individuals and unincorporated organizations.
    If you are a corporation, please contact us through the Contact Us page.

    Original authors of the Contents who have transferred the copyright of the Contents to the Company are also subject to these Guidelines.

  • Eligible Content

    Official characters for which VERSEⁿ has exclusive copyright and trademark rights, and accompanying content such as still images, novels, cartoons, and music.
    Except as otherwise specified for each content.

    Content that can be enjoyed with purchase, such as members-only content on YouTube and content for paying members on FANBOX, are not eligible.

  • Definition of Derivative Works

    Secondary creation is defined as the act of creating a new work that is different from the Contents by using a unique viewpoint, interpretation, form, or expression not found in the Contents.

    The act of duplicating the Contents, or any act that can be interpreted as such, does not constitute a secondary creation.

  • Guidelines

    By releasing a derivative work of the Contents to a third party, you agree to be bound by the Guidelines.

    The subject agrees to allow VERSEⁿ officials and others involved in the project to use the secondary works of the Contents worldwide without charge and without any restrictions.
    VERSEⁿ will separately contact the subject of any official commercialization of secondary works using the Content.

    If you wish to publish any derivative works of the Contents, including contents for which VERSEⁿ does not own the rights, you are responsible for clearing the rights to the third party.

    Secondary works of the Contents that fall under the following items cannot be published
    Offensive to public order and morals, and lacking in morals and decency. Has the potential to be misidentified as official VERSEⁿ content. Violates the rights of a third party. Excessively depicts or references a particular ideology, belief, race, religion, or politics. Is antisocial Has the potential to hurt the feelings or thoughts of others

    Monetization that falls into the following categories is not allowed.
    Monetization that exceeds the scope of cost recovery. Monetization by copying and using the Contents as they are. Monetization by using the music of the Contents.

    These guidelines are subject to change without notice.

    VERSEⁿ cannot be held responsible for any disputes or problems related to secondary works of the Contents.

    VERSEⁿ shall not be responsible for any disputes or problems relating to derivative works of the Content. The same shall apply to any material that is not in accordance with these Guidelines and that is judged to be harmful to VERSEⁿ, its fans, or society as a whole.

    These Guidelines shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese law.

    Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with these Guidelines shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.

  • Conclusion

    We hope that by adhering to these Guidelines, we can weave together the story of VERSEⁿ without harming one another.

    It is our sincere hope that these Guidelines will help us to expand the story of VERSEⁿ.